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Grinder Burrs for La Marzocco & Mazzer

Swift – Ceramic Burrs
#300189  64mm SX

Swift – Titanium Nitride Coated
#300188  64mm SX


Super Jolly – Extra-Life Steel
#700108/EL  64mm DX

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Puly Caff Cleaners

#591192  Puly Caff Packets  10 Doses

#591190  Puly Caff Powder   900gr / 32oz
#591191  Puly Caff Powder   570gr / 20oz

Puly Caff Tablets –
#591177   100 Tablets  1gr
#591176  100 Tablets  1.35gr
#591175  60 Tablets  2.5gr

#591194   Puly Grind Crystals   10 Doses

#591193  Puly Milk Plus   1 liter

#591188  Puly Cleaner   10 Doses

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Caffe Lindo NSF Backflushing Cleaner removes the residual build up of coffee oils from showers, valves, and tubes the group heads. This is important to quality coffee, because a dirty machine will create dirty tasting coffee. Clean your portafilters as well by soaking them in a solution of Caffe Lindo and very hot water (do not soak the handles). Afterwards, thoroughly rinse groups and portafilters. Espresso machines should be cleaned daily if heavily used in a cafe.

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