NEW Grindstones

Grinder Burrs for La Marzocco & Mazzer

Swift – Ceramic Burrs
#300189  64mm SX

Swift – Titanium Nitride Coated
#300188  64mm SX


Super Jolly – Extra-Life Steel
#700108/EL  64mm DX

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NEW Cleaner

Puly Caff Cleaners

#591192  Puly Caff Packets  10 Doses

#591190  Puly Caff Powder   900gr / 32oz
#591191  Puly Caff Powder   570gr / 20oz

Puly Caff Tablets –
#591177   100 Tablets  1gr
#591176  100 Tablets  1.35gr
#591175  60 Tablets  2.5gr

#591194   Puly Grind Crystals   10 Doses

#591193  Puly Milk Plus   1 liter

#591188  Puly Cleaner   10 Doses

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G-Man Lubricant  #591675

FDA Approved / NSF
PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricant PST-599 offers  excellent dielectric properties, extreme high and low temperature capabilities (-100-400 F), water resiliency, and oxidation resistance. Excellent for lubricating, coating and sealing plastic and rubber parts. Organic and non-hazardous. 5.3oz / 150g


Molykote 111  #591664

FDA Approved / NSF
Molykote 111 Compound is a one component, silicone oil that is used for damping, sealing, and lubricating equipment, pressure systems, electrical equipment, and used as an anti-stick. It provides low volatility, low vapor pressure, wide service temperature range, and water resistance.  5.3oz / 150g