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Steam Wand Rebuild Kit – 407010

Rinsing Station – 100610

Rinsing Station w/ Side Mount – 100616

Quamar M80 Fork – 702279

Solenoid Valve 3 Way 90300120

Steam Valve/Wand Gasket Kit700780

Astoria Steam Wand Gasket Kit700725

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Introducing our new knockboxes, drawers, and chutes featuring the exclusive Delta Bar—this innovative triangular shape allows pucks to fall away quickly.

• Heavy duty solid stainless steel design.

• Nylon slides for smooth operation.

• Vented body.

• Front support for quiet operation during use (Knock Drawers only).

• Hush gasket (Knock Chute only).

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BWT bestmax is a simple, practical, all-around filtration solution. With cost-effective limescale protection, it provides superb quality water for a full coffee taste.

A ground-breaking innovation, BWT bestmax PREMIUM is an innovative filtration system for water optimization in the food service sector. BWT bestmax PREMIUM adds minerals to the water using the flavor carrier Mg2+ to achieve the full taste of coffee, tea, or cocoa. In addition to BWT bestmax and BWT bestmax PREMIUM, we’re also carrying BWT-compatible filter heads, flush valves, and aquameters.

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